MPC Crafts Watchmen VFX 
A team of artists at MPC in Vancouver, B.C., headed by With VFX supervised by John “DJ” Desjardins, completed 250 shots for Watchmen, Warner Bros Studios’ movie inspired by the comic book series and graphic novel from DC Comics.Watchmen Big Bada Boom

In its Vancouver studio, MPC produced a variety of digital VFX for the film, including 3D environments and cityscapes, the CG Owl Ship, and digital doubles.

MPC’s VFX supervisor Jess Norman oversaw 35 VFX artists, who employed Autodesk’s Maya with a suite of proprietary tools written in-house by the MPC R&D department.  Shots were later rendered in Pixar’s RenderMan and MentalRay, and composited with Apple’s Shake.

MPC’s effects work was applied to various sequences, including:

- “Blake’s Demise,” a combat scene featuring a digital cityscape, crashing glass, digital doubles, and a CG version of the iconic smiley pin;

Blake Can Fly!!

- “Riot Control,” an MPC-modeled and animated CG Owl Ship, as well as digital doubles, CG crowds, extended sets, and environments enhanced with smoke and light beams; and

- Karnak sequence, a realistic Antarctic environment with ice, water, and snow effects.

iPhone Bands? 

All female band, The Mentalists from Great Britain, covered a song by MGMT called “Kids” entirely on iPhones and iPod Touches. The apps, downloaded from Apple’s Appstore, included Ocarina by Smule, miniSynth from Yanoc, Retro Synth by Iconic Apps, and DigiDrummer Lite from developers Magnus Larsson and Nick Rudolfsky. The Mentalists recorded the session and posted it to where it is quickly reaching viral status at over 175,000 views.