There are a lot of things you’re taught at school, but it’s the really important stuff that sticks with you.

Like how to get the maximum velocity out of an elastic band and a piece of paper, how to make the best paper airplane, getting increased accuracy on your spit balls, and the fact that paper cannot be folded evenly seven times.

All of that is fairly common knowledge, whereas it’s still tough to work out why x=y/alliteration – photosynthesis.

Despite knowing that an A4 piece of paper cannot be folded evenly more than seven times, it didn’t stop us from trying.

With every attempt the fact that it was impossible was confirmed, and it’s probably a good thing no one ever managed to do it. If anyone was strong enough to achieve this the paper would explode. Yes, explode.

This guy used a hydraulic press to force a sheet of paper to be folded more than seven times and it instantly popped after the seventh fold.

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